In the bakery industry there is a big diversity of reusable product carriers. Besides, the nature of the pollution can vary widely, depending on the kind of product the bakery is producing.

The industrial cleaning of a heavily polluted baking tray, of course, requires another approach than cleaning a crate in which packaged bread has been put. Through years of experience in this industry, Numafa can offer solutions for the cleaning and handling of:

  • Broban crates
  • Omaga baskets
  • Dolleys
  • Baking trays, pan straps and other baking ware
  • Straps/bread pan
  • Normwagons
  • Plastic pallets
  • Peel boards

Besides the heavily cleaning of the products above, a dry product carrier is often essential because the final product - with or without paper packaging - can be placed in the product carrier. Suitable machines can be found in the links below. Of course, you can also contact one of our sales employees.

Crate washers

Container washers

Pallet washers

Dry options

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