Specially designed for “Dolav bins”, 200 or 300 liter Eurobins and big containers (up to 1,200 liters)

This industrial container washer is specially designed to clean “Dolav bins”, 200 or 300 liters Eurobins and big containers (up to 1,200 liters) on a high capacity per hour. After placing the containers on the infeed side of the washing machine by using a fork lift truck, the containers are automatically transported into the washing tunnel, by means of a driven chain conveyor.

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The guides in the automatic washing system can easily be adjusted to the correct product size, so that a smooth transport is achieved. After washing, the clean containers can be removed from the outfeed side by a fork lift truck.

Characteristics of this product

  • Compact, hygienic and robust construction
  • Depending on the number of containers to be washed and the type of soiling, Numafa can provide multiple washing sections
  • Types of heating (optional):
    • steam (direct or in combination with a heat exchanger);
    • boiler (central heating system in combination with a heat exchanger);
    • gas (gas burner in combination with a heat exchanger);
    • electrical.
Optional for this machine
  • Rotating drumstrainer for one or multiple washing sections. This can be used to automatically remove loose dirt particles;
  • For very complicated soiling an (optional) oscillating spray frame directed inside the containers can offer a solution;
  • If no forklift trucks are available, automatic Numafa tipping devices before and after the washer can be provided;
  • Prewashing and disinfection process;
  • Vapour extraction;
  • Drying options.