Effective cleaning of your parts

The Metalas TOP cleans or degreases the most polluted parts in a short period of time. The effective cleaning of your parts is achieved through a combination of spraying pipes, a volume of hot water/cleaning liquid and rotation. The part cleaning happens automatically, within a completely closed system.

Metalas Top

The TOP model is completely featured in stainless steel and available in two models:

  • MC100:
    • Loading surface (round): 920mm;
    • Maximum product height: 550mm;
    • Maximum load weight: 350kg.
  • MC125:
    • Loading surface (round): 1,175mm;
    • Maximum product height: 550 mm;
    • Maximum load weight: 500kg.

Characteristics of this product

  • Compact, hygienic and robust construction;
  • Top load model;
  • U-shaped spraying pipe system;
  • Adjustable washing and rinsing process by means of timers;
  • Easy access to integrated liquid tank;
  • Bucket filter, easy to remove.
Optional for this machine
  • Oil skimmer + timer;
  • Vapour extraction;
  • Hot air drying;
  • Water treatment installation;
  • Thermal insulation.