Suitable for cleaning a moderate amount of layer pads

This semi-automated layer pad washer is suitable for cleaning a moderate (manually hand able) amount of layer pads. Depending on the machine configuration, the working speed of the operator and the quality of the layer pads, this washing machine can clean up to 625 layer pads per hour.

Plastic Layer Pad Washing Machine Semi Automated

The infeed of the layer pads is done manually, but can have different configurations (e.g. conveyor belt or simple steel table). The infeed configuration can have effect on the final output. The layer pad sorting can be done both during the infeed process or previously. The washing process of the layer pads consists of two spray and brush sections.

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Characteristics of this product

  • Type of layer pads: solid and/or corrugated, available in EU size (1,200x1,000, 1,200x800, 1,000x800 mm), American Size and deviant sizes;
  • Robust, compact and hygienic construction;
  • Drying by means of dewatering rolls and pressurized air knives;
  • Machine can be controlled by one operator;
  • Automatic stacking of layer pads on the outfeed side of the machine;
  • Types of heating (optional):
    • steam (direct or in combination with a heat exchanger);
    • boiler (central heating system in combination with a heat exchanger);
    • gas (gas burner in combination with a heat exchanger);
    • electrical.
Optional for this machine
  • Heated rinse