Specially designed for “Dolav bins” and big containers

This industrial container washer is specially designed to clean “Dolav bins” and big containers (up to 1200 liters). By means of a pallet truck the containers can easily be positioned from floor level onto the electrically operated 180° tilt door, on which the product has to be manually fixed by means of an adjustable product guide.

Cwm 1000

After the safety operations have been completed, the start button of this container washer can be pressed. The following operations are then automatically carried out in chronological order:

  • Closing tilt door;
  • Washing process;
  • Rinsing process;
  • Short drip period;
  • Optional: pour out water;
  • Open tilt door;

Characteristics of this product

  • Compact, robust and hygienic construction;
  • Adjustable washing and rinsing process by means of timers;
  • Electronic safety for tilt door by means of light beam;
  • Machine provided with safety fence;
  • Installation possible with clean and dirty separation;
  • Machine is adjustable to your size of containers (up to very big containers);
  • Water saving through intelligent control program;
  • Types of heating (optional):
    • steam (direct or in combination with a heat exchanger);
    • boiler (central heating system in combination with a heat exchanger);
    • electrical.
Optional for this machine
  • Prewash and disinfection process;
  • Vapour extraction;
  • Separately placed drum filter;
  • Adjustable product holder to wash Eurobins as well as large containers;
  • Palletframe to also clean pallets (at relatively low capacity).