Utensil washers for all washing requirements

The NPW range is a range of utensil washers that are capable to wash all requirements within the food industry. Whilst being very user friendly by having a counter-balanced split door to open and the very accessible inside, perfect for easy daily cleaning, our NPW ranges comes in a variety of sizes, suitable for your cleaning needs.

Numafa Parts Washer

The NPW range comes in a variety of models:

  • NPW 40 BT
    (dimensions 720 x 858 x 1712h/2050h mm)
  • NPW 60 BT
    (dimensions 836 x 915 x 1870h/2170h mm)
  • NPW 80 BT
    (dimensions 996 x 915 x 1870h/2170h mm)
  • NPW 130 BT
    (dimensions 1506 x 915 x 1870h/2170h)

Characteristics of this product

  • Double panelling structure in stainless steel AISI 304;
  • Side switch control;
  • Stainless steel tank filters easy to remove;
  • Cycle stop with led displayed alarm;
  • Automatic selfwashing function.
Optional for this machine
  • External shower;
  • Detergent pump;
  • Wheels and drain pump;
  • Condenser;
  • Heat pump;
  • Thermal - acoustic insulation.