Numafa Cleaning & Automation is specialized in the automation of production processes. In collaboration with Van Rennes Industrial Automation we provide the complete machine control, including data monitoring and a management information system. We work with the latest technologies and we help you to keep existing systems up-to-date. On this page you find more information about the possibilities.

1. Vision System

Numafa offers the possibility to apply a Vision System within your production process. A Vision System is a control system that monitors the process by means of a camera. In this way, deviant product carriers are detected in an early stage. We develop customized applications and we also invest in the latest technologies.

Advantages of the Vision System:

  • Automated identification of product carriers
  • Fast, accurate and reliable
  • Quality assurance through control of the production process
  • Higher efficiency production process
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2. Management Information System

Production processes are complex and that’s why it’s good to be in complete control on location. Therefore, Numafa has developed a Management Information System, where realtime and historical information about your product carriers can be displayed. The system monitors all desired parameters for your (washing) process and gives the management a tool for guidance. In addition, automatic reports can be displayed when your process exceeds the set parameters. In this way you can guarantee the (wash) quality to all parties involved.

Characteristics Management Information Systeem:

  • Direct online access and display of required data
  • Higher efficiency production process
  • Quality assurance through control of the production process
  • View on the risks and the ability to control them
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3. Robot automation

To make your production process faster, more efficient and accurate, we can implement robot automation in your process. This can be applied in different ways. For example for the (de)palletizing, but also for the loading of your product carriers.

Characteristics Robot automation:

  • Quality assurance
  • Suitable for high capacities
  • Higher efficiency of production process

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