Numafa, a clear vision on mechanical cleaning

Numafa Cleaning & Automation is the global leader for industrial cleaning and handling systems. We develop, manufacture and deliver cleaning machines for both food and non-food industry and also provide full service.

We also produce systems for (de) palletizing, (de)stacking, crate folding and unfolding, storage and transport. Our headquarter is located in Heinenoord, the Netherlands. We also have branches in Porcia, Italy and Houston, Texas and a worldwide network of agents.

A visual introduction to Numafa

In this video we give you a short impression of our work activities. We are proud of our company and we want to show this to you. For further information about our machines we refer you to our product page.

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Known worldwide

The Dutch and water, a strong combination. Perhaps that is why Numafa with its head office in the Netherlands is now a strong brand worldwide. There is no continent where you can not find our machines (except Antarctica).

In addition to our head office in Heinenoord, we also have offices in Italy and we work in various other parts of the world with highly reliable partners who can advise and provide you with our high quality service.

Do you want to know who represents Numafa in your country? Call now with our head office or send an e-mail. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Cleaning with proven methods

To clean your products, the theory of the “Sinner Circle” is applied. This means that we achieve optimum cleaning results, by adjusting the components "time", "temperature", "detergent" and "mechanical force" in the right way for your application. Depending on the design of your product and the degree of soiling, your system will be compiled in such way that all your products to be washed are optimally clean.

Sinnerse Circle 800

The Sinner Circle

Time: Duration of the product carrier in the machine during the washing process. By extending the machine, the capacity can be increased.

Temperature: For every industry or type of pollution, the optimal temperature per cleaning section is determined.

Detergent: In combination with the correct chemistry and contact time of chemistry, bacteria on the product can be minimized.

Mechanical force: With the right combination of water pressure and water flow, for every type of pollution a suitable solution can be created and tested.

Technological advancement and environmental sustainability

With over 40 years of experience, Numafa is the professional and reliable partner for all your cleaning issues. One of our main principles, is the sustainable use of natural energy. In the daily business process we take account of the ecological consequences. In addition, we are always looking for points of improvement to optimize our machines and reduce the consumption.

Numafa also stands for technological advancement. We have a highly qualified team that is constantly working on new and more efficient solutions. By continuously innovating, we can develop customized and sustainable machines to clean your products.

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