The pallet (de)stacker destacks and/or stacks pallets in a simple but fast and effective manner. Depending on the capacity and the weight of the pallets, various types of (de)stackers can be supplied. These machines operates as a stand-alone system, but can also be integrated in a production line from. Besides pallets, this (de)stacker can also (de)stack dividers, spacers or top frames.

Note that this system is not refurbished!

Destacker 2019
  • measurements: 2000 x 1800 x 1600mm
  • (de-)stacking method: from below one pallet at a time
  • (de-)stacking height approx. 15 pallets
  • completely stainless steel
  • clamp mechanism by pleumatic cylinders
  • pallet stacker has infeed hight of approx. 1050mm

For more information about the Pallet (de-)Stacker contact us through or call our Sales Department through +31(0) 186 65 08 50.

Pallet (de-)stacker