Ride for MIND

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It will happen on 7 September 2019, the 2nd edition of Numafa’s Ride for MIND!
Last year was a great success with a lot of fun and a yield of no less than almost € 4.000,-. This year we are tackling it even bigger!

What are we going to do?
We are going on a route through the Netherlands with a large group of motorcyclists. This will be on Saturday 7 September. An impressive sight and a great statement to make us strong for the foundation MIND. Will you join our Numafa-team?

How do you participate?
You can register via https://www.doemeemetmind.nl/evenement/ride-for-mind. And choose our team Numafa. Your own contribution will be €30,-. This amount covers the costs for a consumption en route, sponsoring and finally a barbecue.
Of course you are also free to do a sponsorship. This can be done very easily via the same site: first choose “Doneer nu”, then choose “Kies een team” (Numafa) and then choose your own donation amount and click Visa or MasterCard.
You support a great project with this, namely the MIND Young Academy!

What is the MIND Young Academy?
The MIND Young Academy is a school project to discuss psychological problems in the classroom. The ambition is that the MIND Young Academy should be offered at every school in the Netherlands, to increase the understanding of being mentally ill. Read more about this on the following link: https://mindyoung.nl/mind-young-academy.