Numafa offers a solution to Cape Town

The most severe water scarcity in South Africa reaches its peak, "don’t waste a drop" is the motto. There is an emergency situation, because of the drought that has lasted for at least three years.

The inhabitants of the city had been put on a water ration of 87 liters per person per day for some time now, but since the 1st of February this year that volume has been reduced even further to 50 liters. Imagine that with an average shower (for example: in the Netherlands) already 51 liters of water is consumed and this doesn’t even include the 5 liters of water we flush through the toilet every time we go. The average Dutch person consumes an average of 127 liters per day, about 2.5 times the water limit in Cape Town.

Of course life in Cape Town goes on, in spite of the drought. The water scarcity is not only extremely problematic for urban residents, it is also dramatic for the industry, agriculture and tourism. Companies are heavily fined when they exceed the permitted water consumption. The water scarcity problem needs a solution, quickly!

It is no secret that the Dutch and water is a very strong combination. Perhaps that is why Numafa Cleaning & Automation is such a strong brand worldwide, fortunately also in South Africa.

For a long time, one of Numafa's most important principles has been the sustainable use of natural energy, we always take the ecological consequences in our day-to-day operations into account. Numafa has changed her way of thinking and broadened the green horizon. In the development of technology and the production of goods, we put sustainability first.

With this "Green Mindset", Numafa has developed a useful system to provide a solution for the water scarcity within the African Cleaning Industry. The water restriction doesn’t make life easier for the residents and this adjustment from the industry is a sign of solidarity.

With our new water filtration system, Numafa Cleaning & Automation provides a long term solution with 2 water reservoirs. One of the tanks is filled with unfiltered water, this water is purified by means of a filter and stored in the second tank. With this filtered water the products are cleaned inside the factory, after which the water can be used at least twice for cleaning the work floor and other activities.

In this way, Numafa Cleaning & Automation responds to the water scarcity with its water-saving filtration system. We cannot make water, but we can ensure that as little as possible is lost.