Numafa as a partner to a greener world!

Look at these two beauties! Each tower is 6 meters high and can hold up to 20.000 liters of water.

Wtdubai 2545

This water will be used in Dubai to clean crates, but without the loss of fresh and scarce water during the process. By re-using the water and filtering it after a cleaning process, Numafa offers a solution to a world-known problem of shortages in the water. The water filtration towers will be placed together with an advanced fine filtration unit so that the used and soiled water is filtrated and cleaned for the next batch of cleaning. By using two filtration towers, one for the soiled water and one for the refreshed and cleansed water, it is possible to use one batch of in total 40.000 liters of water, for a whole month. In this way, there is a solution to water shortage and a solution for high prices of water.

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