Half year on new location

At the moment we are already a half year located at our new facility. Looking back at the first six months, we can say we have a positive feeling. It was a busy period for all our employees, but after all we received some very good results.

Since the 2nd of January Numafa Cleaning & Automation has moved to the Sikkel in Heinenoord. On the business park Hoeksche Waard we are working together with Van Rennes Industrial Automation. After years of intensive cooperation, in the beginning of 2015 Numafa Cleaning & Automation and Van Rennes were combined under the name Worldwide Cleaning & Automation (WCA) Group. 

By integrating those two parties under one building, we are able to make new developments and work together as efficient and effective as possible. Besides that, since the move to Heinenoord we are working with ergonomic workplaces, like electrically height adjustable tables. We believe this keeps our employees fit and dynamic.

We will focus us on the future and keep you up to date about new developments within our organization.